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DACA Roofing - Luc Vandebuerie

My name is Luc Vandebuerie. I was born and raised in Belgium, Europe. I had operated DACA Roofing in Belgium for 25 years, working on sites all over Europe, and had specialized in the restoration of historical sites. for 15 years. I relocated to the United States in 1998 after marrying a lovely Kansas woman I’d met on a prior business trip.

Since then I have found that the overall approach to roofing Americans and Europeans take is quite different. In Europe I had to attend a roofing college for eight years to get all of the degrees for the different kinds of roofs I wanted to install. We are required to know not only how to install a roof, but also about the material we work with; how it is manufactured, what it is made of and its characteristics so we can understand why certain roofs are installed the way they are. This is a key difference between many roofers. All good roofers know how to install a roof according to its specifications, but not all know why those specifications are set.

This additional knowledge will benefit my customers and help us to find a roof that will meet and hopefully exceed expectations. This is how I know I can give my customers better quality for the cost and be able to stand behind my work 100%.

All DACA Roofing employees are trained by me, treated fairly and paid according to their performance and skill. I also warranty all of my work, so my customers can rest assured that, should a problem ever occur due to our installation, they can call and have it worked on within 24 hours. Of course, this results in a slightly higher installation cost, but I leave it up to you, the customer, to decide if you want to buy a price or buy a quality roof. I hope to have the opportunity to service all of your Domestic and Commercial Alternatives.

Best regards,
Luc Vandebuerie

Owner of DACA Roofing, INC.

We have an office in Baldwin City, Ks and serve the surrounding area:
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