We offer customized extended roof maintenance contracts to any commercial building or residence. These contracts go beyond our limited warranties by providing year-round regular maintenance and preferred disaster assistance. Maintenance contracts are provided on a yearly or bi-yearly basis. Periodic preventive maintenance can prevent small, easily handled problems from becoming disruptive, big-budget nightmares. Proper repairs to a roof system can prolong the roof’s service life and enhance the value of the original investment made in it. 

Extended Roof Maintenanceroof maintenance contracts with DACA Roofing

Maintenance issues are attracting more attention these days from the roofing industry as a
whole. A number of roofing contractors have set up roof maintenance and/or roof management programs to handle these concerns in an ongoing, professional way, freeing facility managers to concentrate on other areas. Regardless of who does it, regular inspections of the roof system should be made on a regular basis; special inspections should also be made when extraordinary events occur, such as extreme storms or the installation of new rooftop equipment.

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