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Slate Roofing Tile

When installing slate, as with tile, it is extremely important in how it is applied and ventilation is critical. Slate should be install on solid plank decking without underlayment in order to allow the slate to breathe. The best method to install slate is with copper nails or copper hooks. All flashing should be either copper or lead because of their durable qualities.

One important issue with slate that some other roofers neglect are the head laps, or the amount a piece of slate overlaps another. When the roof pitch changes, the laps must also change accordingly: the steeper the roof pitch, the smaller the lap and vice-versa. However, laps should never be less than three inches.

The length of the lap also affects how many slate are needed to complete the roof. Often however, other roofers will use the same length lap regardless of pitch and, because of the number of slate needed for varying laps, the unknowing customer is left with bids that range widely in price. We urge you to do your research and avoid bids that are significantly (several thousand) lower or higher than the others. Slate roofs that have the wrong size laps will inevitably start to leak over time, and well before the life of the roof has expired. Your choice of Slate Roofing Contractor is just as important as your choice in Slate Tile, let experience reign and please research thoroughly. Hiring an inexperienced Slate Roofing Contractor will only cause future problems. Be sure to ask questions pertaining to your application and insist on a MASTER CRAFTSMAN.  Our President Luc Vandebuerie takes pride in every single tile, contact us to schedule your free consultation and see Luc’s passion for your self. Choose DACA Roofing.